About SIM Québec

Your restaurant business. It's demanding. Competitive. Fast paced. Constantly changing. You need the right tools - starting with your point-of-sale system. That's why you should start with Aloha TableService. Whether you operate an independent restaurant or a multi-unit chain, Aloha TableService empowers you to efficiently and effectively manage your day-to-day business. Unmatched performance, functionality and features Intuitive touch-screen interface

• Built-in redundancy

• Customizable screens and screen flow

• Simple check or item-splitting

• Comprehensive reporting

• Menu management

• Multiple graphical user interfaces

• Server performance measurements

• Built-in security

• Multiple job codes and per-employee access levels

  1. Job code-specific menu assignments • Modular design Take advantage of valuable Aloha TableService add-on features.

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